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Welcome to the Automotive Salvage Yards website and the Alabama car/truck recycling/wrecking yard listings.  We look to list any automotive related salvage yard in the US.  Listings are human approved before publishing and the directory is manually edited.  For a limited time we are offering free listings.  Eventually we will start charging $25.00 per listing/update to cover our time and effort.  Please see the submission details near the bottom of this document if you are interested in acquiring a listing. 

Alabama Automotive Salvage Yards

Automotive Salvage Yards in...

Alabama (AL, USA)

Riteway Auto Salvage
49855 Highway 21 South
Munford, AL   36268
Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm CST

Morris Salvage
10680 US Highway 29
Andausia, AL   36420

Northside Auto Salvage
106 Wholesale Avenue
Huntsville, AL   35811
Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm, & Sat: 8am to Noon
ph: 256-536-7892


Acquiring a Listing at Automotive Salvage Yards:
If you have an automotive (including trucks & motorcycles) related salvage yard and are interested in being listed, please contact Doug Peters.   Be sure to include your link title, the hyperlink and your listing description as well as your complete address and phone number (with area code). 

We originally setup this site with an automated regional directory, but that software wasn't up to the task.  Hence, we are starting over and will be updating these listings on static pages until such time as we find a more appropriate solution for a regional business directory platform. 

Thank You!

Automotive Salvage Yards

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